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How to submit your abstract



e-Navigation Underway AP 2017 speakers will be required to:

  • · Register for and attend the conference
  • · Submit your abstract: by April 30, 2017
  • · Provide presentation material in electronic format by June 8, 2017.

e-Navigation Underway AP 2017 presentations are 20 min in length and should include presentation file in
Microsoft PowerPoint format. Please also advise if an internet connection will be required when presenting.

Session chair

If the proposal is accepted, the session chair will serve as the main point of contact for each session.

Session chairs will perform a variety of functions to develop the program and ensure a successful conference.
The Session chair will work with his or her session speakers to determine, the order of speakers within the
session, and other program details and discuss the main points to be made by each speaker.

Additional Speakers Information

The Session chair is required to provide full contact information for all speakers involved in the session.
e-Navigation Underway AP requires complete contact information for every speaker (name, title, organization,
address, phone, and e-mail) so we may issue appropriate speaker agreements.

Abstract Description

Please refer the e-Nav AP 2017 Abstract Template.

Please provide a detailed description of your presentation (500 words max.), as well as a short description, (75
words max.) and biography (300 words max).

The detailed description should outline your presentation’s main points, its relevance to attendees, how it is
unique and different from others that may address the same topic, and the ways you will engage your audience.

If the proposal is accepted, the short description will be used in promotional materials.


Please send your abstract to the secretariat of e-navigation underway AP 2017
E-mail :