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ENUW-AP 2019 Session 2-1: Innovations in Marine Navigation and Communications

Thomas Christensen - The evolution of information exchange(why we need the MCP).pdf [1772380 byte] Kaemyoung Park- Digital Maritime Communication.pdf [4104082 byte] Se-woong Oh - Shipborne Equipment for Implementing e-Navigation(Sewoong OH).pdf [3646593 byte] Thomas Erlund - Intelligent Sea - Integrated digital services for efficient and safe maritime navigation.pdf [5909926 byte] Nick Lemon - E-Navigation Maritime Servicesuser requirements.pdf [3129157 byte]

º Chair: Nick Lemon (Manager, AMSA)
1. Users' (Crew, Pilots, Shipping) Requests to e-Navigation Maritime Services: Nick Lemon (Manager, AMSA)
2. Intelligent Sea - Integrated Digital Services for Efficient and Safe Maritime Navigation: Thomas Erlund (Senior Vice President, MeriTaito)
3. Shipborne Equipment for Implementing e-Navigation: ECDIS, ECS, and Mobile App.: Se-woong Oh (Principal Research Engineer, KRISO)
4. Maritime Digital Communication Testbeds in SMART Navigation Project: Kae-myoung Park (Project Manager, KR)
5. LTE-Maritime: Extending the Radio Coverage and High-Rate Digital Communication: Woo-seong Shim (Principal Researcher, KRISO)
6. Why Do We Need the MCP?: Thomas Christensen (Secretary General, MCC)

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